Kris And Dee – Shy Strangers

When amateurs meet for the first time, they may take a while getting comfortable with each other before anything. But once they’re at ease, watch out! That’s what happened with Kris, a clean-cut, guy-next-door type with a lean, fit body who’s usually a horny bottom; and Dee, a handsome bloke with neatly trimmed facial hair, captivating eyes and a well-built, nicely-muscled body who’s normally a hard-fucking top. Kris was immediately attracted to Dee, who he first saw step out of the shower with only a towel around his waist, looking totally sexy. Maybe the sexual tension they created was just too much, because they eventually shed their inhibitions and started making out, caressing their bodies, nipples and crotches. Soon, they’re both completely naked and the action gets hotter and hotter, with their hard, uncut cocks getting sucked and jacked off. They even go to the bathroom to get wet –  as in ass-fucking wet!

Kris and Dee start kissing sensuously

Kris savors the taste of Dee's cock

Kris and Dee's yummy cocks


Kris and Dee, naked in the shower, ready for more


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