Sex Pigs: Alex and Clay

Alex and Clay Sex Pigs Pt1

We are in for a naughty treat today, as we bring back Clay and introduce a brand new addition to the Amateurs Do It family, Alex.

Alex is a hot daddy bear with a sexy beard, a hairy chest and an insatiable appetite for cock! He readily admits that he is a bit of a sex pig. He loves getting it on with other real amateur guys and he even has a long time membership to this very site! We love having our members ask about modeling for AmateursDoIt.

Sex Pigs: Alex and Clay

Sex Pigs: Alex and Clay

Alex and Clay get to know each other with some chat and fun playtime, posing and laughing with each other before touching, kissing and stripping. Then comes the good stuff, oral pleasures all around with rimming and sucking, getting each other worked up and wanting to go further. Stay tuned for next week’s update which features these two sex pigs moving into some deep anal action!

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Sam And Ashley – Amateur Guys Abused Fucking

Ashley and Sam want you!... to watch them...

Sam and Ashley are two thirty-something amateur guys who have come back to conduct a demonstration on how to get down and dirty with some anal toy play. They’re both completely comfortable in front of the camera and waste no time getting on with some hot foreplay. Kissing and nipple play leads to more as they strip off their clothes all the way, with two big dicks released and ready to be serviced.

These guys get into some hot handjobs, stroking each other and working those solid tools before moving on to a delicious meal of wet and slippery blowjobs. But it’s the ass-fucking that really pushes their buttons with some really horny toy-fucking action thrown in for good measure! It sends them over the edge as they take turns pumping each other’s holes with a delicious dildo! These two really know how to get raunchy and share their man meat and hot holes with another dude, amateur guys or not!

Ashley and Sam are gonna do some raunchy toy-fucking

Sam puts his legs up as Ashley toys with his ass

Ashley gets down on all fours as Sam bangs his hole


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Max – Hairy Amateur Hunk

Full-bearded hot bloke Max

While many guys nowadays routinely trim or even totally shave or wax their body hair, there are still some who keep it all real. Such a guy is Max, a 38 year old hairy amateur hunk who has come in for the first time to do a solo jerk-off video.

What sets him apart is his naturally hairy body. From his thick beard to his hairy chest and all the way down to his pubes and ass, this guy is a veritable hirsute forest. He puts it all out on display when he strips naked and starts to stroke his big, uncut cock for the guys. And what a show it is as he works that dick and gets it hard and slick in his wanking hand!

The camera loves panning over his entire body, closely examining every inch of this hairy amateur hunk. But as with any other solo video, it’s still the way he wanks his hard cock all the way to a grand climax that totally commands attention!

Max strips down to his jockstraps, showing his hairy ass

Max's hairy bod is fully exposed as he starts to stroke himself

Max jerks his hard cock

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Amateur Gay 3 Way – Marco, Sam And Lucas

Lucas, Sam and Marco looking great together on the couch

Mature hottie Sam returns to do another sizzling amateur gay 3 way with two younger guys. Marco and Lucas are both in their late 20’s and have all done amateur videos too. But together, these three immediately develop a chemistry that promises to make this video a must-watch.

They take their time to get heated up with their foreplay, but as soon as they get naked, their big cocks are hard and ready for all the sucking and stroking action imaginable.I actually love watching an amateur gay 3 way with so much cock stroking and sucking, but the fucking is definitely not to be missed!

When Marco starts to slide into Sam’s hot ass, Lucas and Sam are close to orgasm already, wanking off like crazy. The guys really know how to give and take pleasure as they all take turns climaxing in amazing, cum-spurting scenes!

Sam strokes Marco's and Lucas' bulges

They take turns giving each other sizzling handjobs

Sam blows Lucas while he's stroking Marco's cock


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Ashley – Dirty Toy Lover’s Amateur Gay Anal

Ashley shows off his leather boots and his favorite toys

36 year old amateur guy Ashley is a typical male – he just loves his toys. But while other boys love their gadgets and action figures, he shows his passion for a different kind of toy – those that are used to fuck asses hard and deep! He’s one of those guys who not only likes to fuck his own ass in a solo jerk off, but he’s eager to show his skills in an amateur gay anal video too!

Clad in torn jeans and leather boots, he shows off his favourite playthings: a solid black asstoy and a huge pink rubber dildo. Stripping down to his jockstraps but keeping his boots on, he starts to fuck his own ass in this amateur gay anal video, first with the black asstoy, then with the huge rubber dildo which he incredibly succeeds in getting more than halfway in!

Wanking himself to a cum-splattering climax, this guy really gives a demonstration on how to take huge things from behind!

Ashley loves to take this hard black ass toy deep inside

Ashley's new favorite toy - a huge pink rubber dildo

Ashley gets ready to take this huge toy up his fine ass


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8 Way Group Sex At Home – Amateur Gay Orgy Part 2

Eight horny butt-naked guys pair up to make out

These eight horny amateur blokes have all gotten in the mood for some real action after revealing their most intimate and erotic sides in an extensive interview. There was only one way to go with this, and it created one of the most intense amateur gay orgy videos I think we’ve ever seen!

Zach, Justin, Bryce, Joel, Brett, Sam, Will and John are all down to their underwear when they start making out with whoever they happen to be next to. It takes little time before they are all completely naked. The sight of them in full-on action is truly awesome as they represent different kinds of sexy body types.

Their hot cocks are all made hard and put to work by each other’s eager hands, hungry mouths and tight asses. They roll with each other in all positions and combinations imaginable. This whole orgy of man-to-man action explodes in a most thrilling climax that simply must be seen!

There is so much hard cock, horny action and messy splashing cum in this amateur gay orgy it is certain to be on your top-ten list for a while. I don’t know how this video could be beaten!

Cock fight!

8-Way wanking session

An orgy of sizzling blowjobs


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8 Way Group Sex At Home – Amateur Gay Orgy Part 1

Eight horny guys stripped down to their underwear

For the first time, eight incredibly hot and horny amateur guys of different types have been brought together in a two-part video that promises to please fans of big amateur gay orgy scenes!

Zach, Justin, Bryce, Joel, Brett, Sam, Will and John are all excited to be filmed together.These are just regular guys who love cock, and they don’t care who that meat is attached to as long as they get to play with it and make it spurt white cream!

In the first part, a thorough interview takes place where the blokes introduce themselves and talk about their backgrounds, bodies and sex lives as well as their desires, fantasies and what they are willing to do.

These incredibly erotic conversations will no doubt whet their lust for each other and similarly affect anyone watching. By the end of this part, the guys have all stripped down to their underwear and are more than ready to get it on… now it’s time to start the amateur gay orgy properly and get some of that cock in a wet sucking mouth and a tight ass!

Zach, Justin, Bryce, Joel, Brett, Sam, Will and John are all excited and ready

The guys start making out with each other all together


Eight sexy butt naked guys get the action started


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Scott And Sam – Filthy Dirty Amateur Gay Guys

Scott and Sam get cozy on the couch

Scott is a handsome and horny 25 year old guy who couldn’t wait to get in front of the cameras and share his ass with a hungry older man. Amateurs Do It found the perfect partner for him in Sam, a 38 year old hot daddy who just happens to be a dominant top and also likes to make his enjoyment pretty vocal when he’s fucking!

These two amateur gay guys enjoy some hot nipple play, along with some heavy kissing before their cocks are released from their underwear. Quickly naked and horny for more they suck each other and work their way into a truly sizzling 69, with plenty of rimming and fingering thrown in for good measure too. When Scott climbs upon Sam to ride his hard tool, these two prove just how great filthy sex can be!

Although they’ve only just met, we can tell these amateur gay guys won’t be keeping their shared cock fun just for the cameras after this reality fuck!

Scott and Sam start making out

Sam and Scott roll around on the floor

Sam drills Scott's tight hole hard

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Amateur Gay Fourgy – Dam Sam Samson Shane

Samson, Sam, Dan and Shane looking good and ready to go

Dan and Sam, two blokes who are always up for some hot group sex, are back at Amateurs Do It. This time, they’re getting down and dirty with Samson and Shane to make one seriously cum-drenched amateur gay fourgy video that will have you shooting off again and again – unless there’s something wrong with you, of course! lol

These four sexy guys are quickly working on one another – groping, fondling and stripping clothes off until they are all fully naked and stiffening up in anticipation of  hot wet mouth and a warm ass to fuck.

With their cocks exposed and hardened to full erections by all the jerking and sucking, they start using a huge dildo for even more hardcore ass-fucking! As if this amateur gay fourgy wasn’t filled with enough dick already they need toys to push the limits even further!

They totally turned the whole thing into a buffet feast of hardcore gay sex. Fittingly, all of this action takes place in the kitchen – where hot and delicious things are really made!

Sam and Shane go down on Dan and Samson

Dan and Samson start making out while getting sucked

It's Dan's turn to suck but Shane's still blowing on his cock

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Home Made Gay 3-Way – Hobe Sam Steven

Three hot-looking mature guys

Three hot daddies: Hobe, Sam and Steven, have come together for the first time to shoot an awesome home made gay 3-way sex video. Though they may be mature, they are not at all conservative, as they prove by unhesitatingly stripping naked while showing off their shared passions for sucking cock, rimming, jerking off and getting fucked!

Perhaps, not surprisingly, even though they are older than most guys featured in similar videos, they still love their toys – sex toys, that is.

These daddies take their turns with a huge dildo as they relentlessly lick nipples and suck and jerk off cocks until they explode in erotic pleasure. All the men in this home made gay 3-way video are so hungry for cock it’s amazing they manage to hold their cum back all the way through. If I had these dudes working my fuckmeat I think I would have unloaded three times by the time the first jizz shot erupts! lol

This is a must-see for lovers of hot mature men!

Sam starts to give an awesome blowjob

On the floor for some hot ass-pumping

Some raunchy spanking and toy-fucking action


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