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Jaxon and Kaala

Jaxon & Kaala

Kaala may seem like a wholesome little twink, but he has a fetish for being treated like a cute little pet; led around by a collar and fucked hard by a handsome, bigger top! Jaxon is happy to oblige him, fucking him in his playful housemaid costume, and keeping up the fantasy of being a kept fuckboy.

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Callum – Glass Fetish

Lovers of mature, hot men will definitely enjoy watching Callum, a 38-year old guy who has retained a charming air of boyishness about him. This amateur was eager to show us what he’s got and it is impressive! His fetish is glass – he loves to watch his reflection on glass panels or doors as he wanks off. For this video, he quickly got naked and started jacking off, making his cock hard and playing with his nipples. He then went inside the bathroom with a glass door to get wet and continue jerking his hard, thick cock, all the way until he released his passion in a hot burst of cum in the tub!

Callum, hot and horny mature guy


Callum strokes himself inside the glass shower room


Callum, wanking naked in bed


Callum plays with his cock and nipples in the glass shower stall


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