Darius is 32 years old and born in Vietnam. He stands in a bathroom touching himself sensuously. He slowly strips. He has a really cool tattoo on his upper arm. He removes his pants and exposes his smooth body before entering the shower.

He lathers himself up with shower gel and removes his tight underpants, exposing a semi-hard dick. He continues to touch himself, turning around to show off his peach-like ass.

He exits the shower and dries himself off, rubbing a soft green towel over the curves of his body, staring lustfully into the camera with his brown eyes.

He sits down and starts to rub oil into his body. His dick slowly hardens as his hands glide over his now slippery body.

He gets on all fours and sucks a giant dildo attached to the shower wall. His tongue glides erotically over its shaft. That boy knows how to suck dick!

He starts to jerk his hard, dark dick. It feels good. His eyes roll back in his head as the cum drips from the tip of his dick. CLICK HERE


Panda and Matt

Today we have two brand new amateurs for you – Panda and Matt. Matt is from Colombia and is only new to Sydney. Panda is Australian with a part Islander and part Aboriginal background. Neither are what you would call dirty boys so we put the clean pair in the shower together. They stroke and suck each other’s uncut cocks. Both of them haven’t been with anyone for some time so it’s not surprising that they produce two huge loads. Looks like another shower will be in order!

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Behind The Scenes: Part 9

This is another instalment of the footage that the guys shoot themselves. This week it’s all about water-sports and what goes on in the showers! Enjoy.

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It’s Behind The Scenes Gay Amateur Fun


Outtakes and Behind the Scenes from AmateursDoIt

This week we have a special double amateur video update for you, showing off some of the outtakes and behind the scenes footage from some of our recent exclusive AmateursDoIt videos. Here’s your chance to see what really goes on at a photo shoot!


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Also, be sure to check out the free photo gallery of this weeks video!


Scorp Solo

Scorp is a cute lad who is doing his very first amateur porn shoot with us. We were thrilled that he selected Amateurs Do It exclusively.

Scorp says he prefers younger good looking guys in good shape, but then defines young as anyone under 35…boy do we have a selection of horny studs for him to hook up with in future videos!

Scorp moves into the bathroom where he reveals his flash new undies, he later admitted that he bought those especially for us to enjoy! He rubs himself through his undies then he decides to give us a show of his sweet bubble butt before popping out his hard cock.

And what a cock he has too, an uncut snake that curves up to the heavens! Believe me, you will not be disappointed watching Scorp jerking off, moaning and then blowing a killer huge mega load all over his chest and belly.

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Jordon – 19 yo Amateur Shower Jerk Off

Jordon: young, fresh and illegally cute

19 year old twinky stud Jordon is an absolute jewel of a find on amateursdoit.com. So many of their amateur guys are really hot, but this boy and his long uncut cock are too delicious!

This lad is simply breath-taking from his eyes, face and lips all the way down every inch of his lean, smooth, athletic body.

For his first time on cam, he has agreed to appear in an amateur shower jerk off video. He shows no hesitation to strip off all his clothes and get completely naked as we join him in the bathroom, and why should he be nervous or embarrassed? Just look at the body and that hooded cock!

We watch him sensuously soaping himself all over, enjoying a little tug to get his amateur shower jerk off video really going, then steps out to start wanking his 7.5 inch uncut cock to a full hard on. We get a great show as he eases that soft hood of skin back and forth over the tasty bell end of his cock, savoring the pleasure as he works himself all the way to a cum splashing finale!

This boy will definitely be back. Lets just hope he’s willing to try some cock on cock fun with some of the other amateur men too!

Jordon takes it all off in the shower

Jordon starts wanking his uncut dick

Jordon gets closer and closer to cumming...


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Lucas – Aussie Tattooed Spunk

Thirty-something hunk Lucas is as eager an exhibitionist as anyone ever featured on Amateurs Do It. He’s already inside the bathroom, raring to start some hot solo action. His dark eyes are seductive and his fit, well-toned body is put on full display. When he starts stroking himself, things go from hot to scorching in seconds. He strips naked and continues to masturbate and play with his nipples. He arouses himself even more by watching himself in the mirror. His cock ring keeps him hard but he brings himself further into extreme pleasure when he starts some anal action with a dildo! This is one of the hottest and most exciting solo action videos ever done at Amateurs Do It!

Sexy Lucas is ready to get things going


Lucas arouses himself


Cock ring keeps Lucas' yummy dick hard


Lucas plays with a dildo


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Kris And Dee – Shy Strangers

When amateurs meet for the first time, they may take a while getting comfortable with each other before anything. But once they’re at ease, watch out! That’s what happened with Kris, a clean-cut, guy-next-door type with a lean, fit body who’s usually a horny bottom; and Dee, a handsome bloke with neatly trimmed facial hair, captivating eyes and a well-built, nicely-muscled body who’s normally a hard-fucking top. Kris was immediately attracted to Dee, who he first saw step out of the shower with only a towel around his waist, looking totally sexy. Maybe the sexual tension they created was just too much, because they eventually shed their inhibitions and started making out, caressing their bodies, nipples and crotches. Soon, they’re both completely naked and the action gets hotter and hotter, with their hard, uncut cocks getting sucked and jacked off. They even go to the bathroom to get wet –  as in ass-fucking wet!

Kris and Dee start kissing sensuously

Kris savors the taste of Dee's cock

Kris and Dee's yummy cocks


Kris and Dee, naked in the shower, ready for more


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Callum – Glass Fetish

Lovers of mature, hot men will definitely enjoy watching Callum, a 38-year old guy who has retained a charming air of boyishness about him. This amateur was eager to show us what he’s got and it is impressive! His fetish is glass – he loves to watch his reflection on glass panels or doors as he wanks off. For this video, he quickly got naked and started jacking off, making his cock hard and playing with his nipples. He then went inside the bathroom with a glass door to get wet and continue jerking his hard, thick cock, all the way until he released his passion in a hot burst of cum in the tub!

Callum, hot and horny mature guy


Callum strokes himself inside the glass shower room


Callum, wanking naked in bed


Callum plays with his cock and nipples in the glass shower stall


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