Without a doubt one of the most recent favourite models at Amateurs Do It has been Batt. The bearded Belgian has won the hearts of many of our viewers and so they decided to let him take control of his own solo by giving him the camera and a selfie stick and letting him show off what he’s got. He starts off in the closet – the actual closet – he’s not about to announce he’s straight or anything like that. He shows off his wonderful physique – every ripped inch! Moving around the house he stops to make use of the fleshjack – setting the camera down so he can use both hands to jerk his wonderful uncut cock with that lucky toy. Catching a few ‘inspirational’ images on his phone he beats his Belgian beast til it spews forth a frothy load. Thank you Batt – for being a gorgeous specimen of man-flesh.

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Andrew and Drew Rugged Top Muscle Bottom Pt2

Andrew and Drew Rugged Top Muscle Bottom Pt2

The beef is back, and its all about the deep anal action in this video shoot. Andrew is horny and Drew is ready, all lubed up after his rimming, hot in anticipation of getting fucked by Andrew and his massive uncut Australian cock!

Doggy style is the preferred fuck position of the day, as Drew bends over and Andrew guides his big uncut cock into the target. Mmm, can’t you just feel that huge cock inside you as Drew moans and Andrew goes deeper and deeper.


Drew moans and Andrew goes deeper and deeper

Just imagine this big beefy stud behind you, his furry chest rubbing against your back as he pounds his cock into your ass. Its a hot scene and the boys work up quite the sweat too!


Getting close to the big climax, Andrew pulls out and they hug each other and help each other spurt out their hot juicy messes. Another amazing 100% exclusive performance just for AmateursDoIt fans!


Lucas And Jordon – Amateur Gay Fucking

Lucas and Jordon flexing and posing

Lucas, 28, a tall, powerfully built, tattooed hunk with an enormous cut cock has proven time and time again that he can satisfy anyone in an amateur gay fucking video – both his partner and whoever happens to be watching are guaranteed to shoot a hot load of jizz by the time he’s done!

The great thing about his return this time is that he’s joined by one of the most handsome young twinky studs ever to star in any amateur gay fucking video – 19 year old Jordon.

After their hot foreplay session where their clothes come off completely, their big cocks get completely hard and throbbing. Jordon keeps wanking off from the time he gives Lucas a hot blowjob all the way until Lucas starts fucking his tight, smooth ass. This, in turn, leads to one totally cum-splattered climax that has both both groaning in pleasure and their balls pumping out the cream in some messy spurts – if you’re not joining in I would suggest there is something wrong with you! lol

Lucas savors Jordon's delicious dick

Jordon gives a scorching blowjob

Jordon's legs are in the air as he's being drilled by tattooed hunk Lucas


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Amateur Gay 3 Way – Marco, Sam And Lucas

Lucas, Sam and Marco looking great together on the couch

Mature hottie Sam returns to do another sizzling amateur gay 3 way with two younger guys. Marco and Lucas are both in their late 20’s and have all done amateur videos too. But together, these three immediately develop a chemistry that promises to make this video a must-watch.

They take their time to get heated up with their foreplay, but as soon as they get naked, their big cocks are hard and ready for all the sucking and stroking action imaginable.I actually love watching an amateur gay 3 way with so much cock stroking and sucking, but the fucking is definitely not to be missed!

When Marco starts to slide into Sam’s hot ass, Lucas and Sam are close to orgasm already, wanking off like crazy. The guys really know how to give and take pleasure as they all take turns climaxing in amazing, cum-spurting scenes!

Sam strokes Marco's and Lucas' bulges

They take turns giving each other sizzling handjobs

Sam blows Lucas while he's stroking Marco's cock


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8 Way Group Sex At Home – Amateur Gay Orgy Part 2

Eight horny butt-naked guys pair up to make out

These eight horny amateur blokes have all gotten in the mood for some real action after revealing their most intimate and erotic sides in an extensive interview. There was only one way to go with this, and it created one of the most intense amateur gay orgy videos I think we’ve ever seen!

Zach, Justin, Bryce, Joel, Brett, Sam, Will and John are all down to their underwear when they start making out with whoever they happen to be next to. It takes little time before they are all completely naked. The sight of them in full-on action is truly awesome as they represent different kinds of sexy body types.

Their hot cocks are all made hard and put to work by each other’s eager hands, hungry mouths and tight asses. They roll with each other in all positions and combinations imaginable. This whole orgy of man-to-man action explodes in a most thrilling climax that simply must be seen!

There is so much hard cock, horny action and messy splashing cum in this amateur gay orgy it is certain to be on your top-ten list for a while. I don’t know how this video could be beaten!

Cock fight!

8-Way wanking session

An orgy of sizzling blowjobs


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8 Way Group Sex At Home – Amateur Gay Orgy Part 1

Eight horny guys stripped down to their underwear

For the first time, eight incredibly hot and horny amateur guys of different types have been brought together in a two-part video that promises to please fans of big amateur gay orgy scenes!

Zach, Justin, Bryce, Joel, Brett, Sam, Will and John are all excited to be filmed together.These are just regular guys who love cock, and they don’t care who that meat is attached to as long as they get to play with it and make it spurt white cream!

In the first part, a thorough interview takes place where the blokes introduce themselves and talk about their backgrounds, bodies and sex lives as well as their desires, fantasies and what they are willing to do.

These incredibly erotic conversations will no doubt whet their lust for each other and similarly affect anyone watching. By the end of this part, the guys have all stripped down to their underwear and are more than ready to get it on… now it’s time to start the amateur gay orgy properly and get some of that cock in a wet sucking mouth and a tight ass!

Zach, Justin, Bryce, Joel, Brett, Sam, Will and John are all excited and ready

The guys start making out with each other all together


Eight sexy butt naked guys get the action started


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Chuck – Gym Muscle Jack-Off

Gym buff hunk Chuck in a sexy blue top

Hot hunks with big muscles are some of the all-time favorites among fans of amateur gay porn videos. Plenty of us go to the gym and the sight of all those muscled guys in the locker rooms and showers with those thick half-hard cocks on show is always enough to get us so horny! I think that’s why we love the amateur gym muscle jack-off videos like this one with built muscle guy Chuck!

Chuck is 35 years old, he’s 5’9” and 180 lbs of perfectly sculpted muscle and he’s a total cock hound too. This bottom guy loves Aussie blokes and intends to show off every inch of himself. I think I can say that he’s had his fair share of gym muscle jack-off sessions in the showers before, and the thought of that gets me so hard you wouldn’t believe! But we have him for his first amateur gay video in this post, and it’s awesome…

He oils up to do some incredibly erotic body-builder poses, making temperatures rise. When he gets completely naked, every part of his incredible body – from his perfect arms and chest, to his ripped abs and to his bubble butt – is on full display. Finally, the attention shifts to the last muscle that he flexes – his hard, cut cock – which he strokes all the way to an exciting climax!

Chuck shows his firm, hot butt

Chuck oils up and flexes his perfect muscles

Chuck wanks off to an intense climax


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Jordon – 19 yo Amateur Shower Jerk Off

Jordon: young, fresh and illegally cute

19 year old twinky stud Jordon is an absolute jewel of a find on amateursdoit.com. So many of their amateur guys are really hot, but this boy and his long uncut cock are too delicious!

This lad is simply breath-taking from his eyes, face and lips all the way down every inch of his lean, smooth, athletic body.

For his first time on cam, he has agreed to appear in an amateur shower jerk off video. He shows no hesitation to strip off all his clothes and get completely naked as we join him in the bathroom, and why should he be nervous or embarrassed? Just look at the body and that hooded cock!

We watch him sensuously soaping himself all over, enjoying a little tug to get his amateur shower jerk off video really going, then steps out to start wanking his 7.5 inch uncut cock to a full hard on. We get a great show as he eases that soft hood of skin back and forth over the tasty bell end of his cock, savoring the pleasure as he works himself all the way to a cum splashing finale!

This boy will definitely be back. Lets just hope he’s willing to try some cock on cock fun with some of the other amateur men too!

Jordon takes it all off in the shower

Jordon starts wanking his uncut dick

Jordon gets closer and closer to cumming...


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Amateur Gay Fourgy – Dam Sam Samson Shane

Samson, Sam, Dan and Shane looking good and ready to go

Dan and Sam, two blokes who are always up for some hot group sex, are back at Amateurs Do It. This time, they’re getting down and dirty with Samson and Shane to make one seriously cum-drenched amateur gay fourgy video that will have you shooting off again and again – unless there’s something wrong with you, of course! lol

These four sexy guys are quickly working on one another – groping, fondling and stripping clothes off until they are all fully naked and stiffening up in anticipation of  hot wet mouth and a warm ass to fuck.

With their cocks exposed and hardened to full erections by all the jerking and sucking, they start using a huge dildo for even more hardcore ass-fucking! As if this amateur gay fourgy wasn’t filled with enough dick already they need toys to push the limits even further!

They totally turned the whole thing into a buffet feast of hardcore gay sex. Fittingly, all of this action takes place in the kitchen – where hot and delicious things are really made!

Sam and Shane go down on Dan and Samson

Dan and Samson start making out while getting sucked

It's Dan's turn to suck but Shane's still blowing on his cock

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4-Way – Tate Leon Will Henri

Tate, Leon, Will and Henri are all hot and horny blokes who’ve been brought together at Amateurs Do It. While each has his own kind of appeal, it can’t be denied that they are all utterly desirable in their own way but look even better as a group. It’s perfect, of course, because they are all eager to get it on with each other as well. Clothes are removed amid torrid kisses and lots of fondling. Once they’re all naked, their cocks get stroked and sucked, making all of them hard and ready for even more action. Naturally, some are tops and some are bottoms, but there are also a couple who happily switched roles as they paired up. Four handsome guys… four hard cocks… four times the action – and four times the fun watching!

Four hot and horny blokes in bed


The guys strip and start touching


Four sexy naked guys jerking


A wild foursome of sucking and smooching


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