Aussie Twinks In Group Sex Video

Finally …The grand climax of our exclusive Aussie group sex video is here! Our four hot amateur studs Jason, Hunter, Nic and Carter are now fully into fucking and sucking each others hard cocks. The pleasure is building and the lads are really loving all this foursome attention.

Carter gets his recently deflowered tight pink hole fucked deep by Nic as Hunter jerks on his hard cock and shoots his massive load. This gets Nic really aroused, so he keeps fucking Carter’s tight ass until he gets close to shooting his load. He quickly pulls out and straddles Carter, jerking his throbbing cock and finishes with a stream of hot cum, letting it shoot across Carter’s neck and chest.

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4Way With Carter, Hunter, Jason & Nic

Now its Jason’s turn to ravage some gay ass and he hops up on Carter and starts penetrating his previously used ass, enjoying the knowledge that Nic just had his big cock in there! It’s a grand explosion of cum as everyone releases a sigh of exalted relief from an amazing group sex orgy! Every one is satisfied and all smiles so it’s time to hit the showers.

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Amateur Gay Fourgy – Dam Sam Samson Shane

Samson, Sam, Dan and Shane looking good and ready to go

Dan and Sam, two blokes who are always up for some hot group sex, are back at Amateurs Do It. This time, they’re getting down and dirty with Samson and Shane to make one seriously cum-drenched amateur gay fourgy video that will have you shooting off again and again – unless there’s something wrong with you, of course! lol

These four sexy guys are quickly working on one another – groping, fondling and stripping clothes off until they are all fully naked and stiffening up in anticipation of  hot wet mouth and a warm ass to fuck.

With their cocks exposed and hardened to full erections by all the jerking and sucking, they start using a huge dildo for even more hardcore ass-fucking! As if this amateur gay fourgy wasn’t filled with enough dick already they need toys to push the limits even further!

They totally turned the whole thing into a buffet feast of hardcore gay sex. Fittingly, all of this action takes place in the kitchen – where hot and delicious things are really made!

Sam and Shane go down on Dan and Samson

Dan and Samson start making out while getting sucked

It's Dan's turn to suck but Shane's still blowing on his cock

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4-Way – Dan Sam Mickael Blake

There’s something about the attraction between younger and older blokes but when two hot amateur couples, each with a younger and an older guy, are brought together to do a four-way, it can result in an incredibly erotic experience for all of them. Sam, the older guy, and Dan have had experience performing on cam but Mickael and Blake are relatively new to this kind of thing (Blake is the older guy). Faster than you can say “foursome,” these guys are all over each other – getting naked, kissing, groping, jerking and sucking. The older guys get their hairy asses licked and rammed by the huge dicks of their younger partners before they swap and even engage in some hardcore fisting! All of this sizzling action is sure to result in a climax of male explosions that simply cannot be missed!

Dan, Sam, Blake and Mickael get to know each other


Sam and Blake start going down on their partners


The four guys in a cock-sucking and jerking frenzy


A hot foursome in the bedroom


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4-Way – Tate Leon Will Henri

Tate, Leon, Will and Henri are all hot and horny blokes who’ve been brought together at Amateurs Do It. While each has his own kind of appeal, it can’t be denied that they are all utterly desirable in their own way but look even better as a group. It’s perfect, of course, because they are all eager to get it on with each other as well. Clothes are removed amid torrid kisses and lots of fondling. Once they’re all naked, their cocks get stroked and sucked, making all of them hard and ready for even more action. Naturally, some are tops and some are bottoms, but there are also a couple who happily switched roles as they paired up. Four handsome guys… four hard cocks… four times the action – and four times the fun watching!

Four hot and horny blokes in bed


The guys strip and start touching


Four sexy naked guys jerking


A wild foursome of sucking and smooching


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4-Way – Tate Leon Will Henri Behind The Scenes

Mainstream movies have boxed DVD sets and Director’s Cut versions. Amateur videos also have unedited versions that are sometimes just too good not to show. Tate, Leon, Will and Henri are four gorgeous studs who had so much fun doing their video that they shared more than just the usual action of wanking off, handjobs, blowjobs, licking and fucking. That is all super-hot, erotic stuff, but then there is also something refreshingly entertaining seeing these blokes joke around, commit silly bloopers and talk about what they were willing or not willing to try. There’s also a lot more cock-sucking close up scenes and even some dildo ass-play. In any case, if only to see these four studs hard cocks in extended action, this video is definitely a must-see!

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