Australian Triathlete Kyle

We love athletes and jocks, so we were thrilled when we found Kyle. He is an all Aussie boy, fit and firm, and an international triathlete! Yes, boys, that means he knows how to go the distance!

It took a few minutes for Kyle to get comfy with us and our cameras, so we start out slow and get to know this hottie. He peels off his shirt to reveal his very naturally smooth body. Sweet start!

He likes teen boys, and it seems blondes have a special sweet spot. He tells us a bit about his fantasies and past experiences, including some threesome stories. That gets him more in the mood so we head to the showers to let him strip right down and show off his long uncut cock and tight, naturally smooth ass.

The shower enhances Kyle’s mood as he gets the soap out and starts playing with the suds all over his hung cock and sexy butt. What a great show! He dries himself off and we let him take control over our iphone, where he logs into AmateursDoIt.mobi and jacks off to our amateur boys videos.

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Brenton and Tyson Pt 1

We introduced Brenton to Tyson and they immediately hit it off, giggling like old friends. But the chat did not last long as these two get down to business. Tyson starts by peeling off Brenton’s undies and swallowing his cock, then Brenton reciprocates with a long oral session. Soon, Tyson takes command and flips Brenton onto the bed and gets his cock into Brenton, slow at first then pounding hard…but that’s a whole other video, coming up next week!

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August Underwear Collection Pt2

August is back! After an awesome model show of his sexy underwear, August is starting to feel frisky. We know that this boy loves anal play, so we give him a thank-you gift – a big fat dildo to shove up his ass and enjoy!

This gets August excited and he rips his new dildo out of the packaging and has a play. Its not long before those red undies are bulging! He teases us with a peak down his red undies, showing off his shaved private area and revealing his sweet uncut piece of meat.

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August Underwear Collection Pt1

August loves underwear and has an extensive collection. When he arrived at our house for this exclusive video shoot, he ended up bringing a small suitcase filled with fresh undies. He said this was a small sampling of his entire collection, and asked what pair he should wear. Well, we love seeing a guy stripped down to his undies, so we said ALL OF ‘EM!

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Bobby and Lady B Pt 2

Bobby and Lady B Pt 2

Bobby and Lady B continue their hot session together, this time its hardcore fuck time!

Lady B is the ultimate bottom, moaning and groaning while Bobby fucks him with his thick uncut cock. They fuck in several different positions, giving us all a great view of the action and the deep penetration.

The action ends in an explosion of cum everywhere. Then its off to the showers where Lady B graciously helps Bobby by washing down his hot smooth fit body. Enjoyable to the last drop!

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Bobby and Lady B Pt 1

Bobby and Lady B Pt 1

We just got back from a shooting session overseas and we are keen to share these two hot boys with you. Meet Bobby and Lady B, two cute boys that we met at a pub in the UK. Lady B is a drag show spectacular, and his boyfriend Bobby is a really sweet and very horny boy!

Part 1 of this exclusive set is a great intro to the two boys. They are both horny and start kissing and touching each other right away. Its not long before Lady B peels the pants and undies off Bobby, exposing his thick uncut cock.

Lady B can’t resist, and before he even takes off his own pants he decides to go down on Bobby and suck him off, getting him hard and ready for a good fuck. Lady B does some amazing oral action on Bobby, and this scene ends just as the two are getting ready to fuck!

Next week, the fuck session!

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Bryce and Will Uncut Bottoms Pt 1

Bryce and Will are two sweet young Aussie boys that we got together to have some fun.

The boys get to know each other a bit with some light chat, petting and then stripping each other. Impressed with what they see, they both want to swallow each others cocks.

These guys have a lot of fun, laughing and joking the whole time. And you can see that they are excited to be with each other, as the passion heats up and they start playing with each others uncut dicks.

Its not long before they are in a 69ing position, sucking each others cocks and bringing pleasure while getting a great blowjob at the same time.

The boys also love rubbing against each other, feeling their hairy balls meet and touch, playing with their cocks against their hairy asses. Its all very exciting!

Stay tuned to next week’s update, where Bryce and Will finally decide who will be the lucky bottom!

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Will Drunk And Horny

Did you ever get woken up by a mate that has had too much to drink but is feeling super horny and wants to drop by for a quickie? Well, that’s exactly what has happened to us.

Our cute twink friend Will was out at the pub celebrating a great day of playing soccer and rugby with his mates. He told us that they had a very exhilarating set of games, crashing into each other and holding their firm bodies against each other, so close that you could feel each others cocks through their shorts!

Will is getting excited as he tells us about the shower scene afterwards, how he was surrounded by all these great looking straight blokes, all muddy and sweaty and soaping up to scrub down. Then drinks were in order, and that just made Will even more horny!

Will starts out with some stumbling while stripping off his clothes, then he gets into wanking off his uncut cock. Look at that amazing 6-pack abs on this cute guy!

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Foursome Aussie Gay Orgy

4 Way Blake Ethan Greg Rhys Pt2

Our foursome is back to finish what they started. Last week, we showed these hot Aussie amateurs getting together for a quick intro before getting naked and going down on each others cocks. Their oral pleasures were a great lead up to the hot anal fuck session that comes up this week.

The passion heats up and the asses get lubed for some deep fucking. These guys are horny and just love fucking and being fucked. Listen to those moans of excitement as fingers slip in to willing asses, getting them ready for a hot and steamy group sex fuck orgy.

These guys love fucking as much as they love watching each other get fucked, and you will love it too as they take their time grinding and getting each other to climax.

And what a hot set of cum loads these boys have, spurting out everywhere and just loving getting those hot juices all over too. One of the sexiest group of Australian amateurs in one of the hottest group fucking videos, ya gotta love it mate!!!

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4 Way Blake Ethan Greg Rhys

This is one of our hottest updates yet! We bring back four of our members favorites, introduce them and let them play. And these Aussie guys certainly do appreciate it too, cumming up with an amazing sex foursome orgy.

This first part of the orgy sees Blake, Ethan, Greg and Rhys getting together, meeting and sussing each other out. It looks like they are all equally impressed as we are with their hot bods, bulging cocks and willingness to do whatever it takes to give each other a fantastic time too.

We start with the intros, keeping things PG for a short time while we get to know the boys and they get to know each other. But its not long before they start getting into the horseplay, grabbing each other and taking their shirts off. A bit of nipple play is much appreciated and gets the games rolling. Its not long before pants are off and the boys are strutting their stuff in their undies.

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