Amateur Daddy Blake Does Leo Pt. 2

After finding out what makes these guys horny and learning a little more about each of them and their kinky habits, we finally get to the good stuff as Blake and Leo get started on each other.

The groping is pretty hot as they lick nipples and feel the shapes of their dicks in each others pants. Leo is the first to get a taste, with Blakes amateur daddy cock peeking out, hard and ready to go. Leo suckles on the swollen helmet, teasing his daddy top and getting the dude all worked up.

Leos own boner is thick and rigid in his pants when its finally revealed for Blake to party with, and we get some great action as the guys swap those shafts back and forth, tasting the clear precum from each other as they suck and swallow as much as they can!

Heading out to the pool, the delicious dick worship continues as the guys get into some mutual action, stroking and sucking on each other and preparing for the real butt slamming.

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Amateur Daddy Blake Does Leo Part 1

When it comes to amateur daddy cock, I think everyone agrees that Blake is the real deal. This dude is one of the top guys on the site, always back for more action and always at the top of the list when a new guy arrives to get some dick from a real dominant dude.

His muscular daddy bod is so hot that plenty of the guys want to get some action with him, and one look at him in action as he treats new amateur lad Leo to a hardcore butt fucking by the pool should show why everyone wants a piece of that dick.

Leo is a horny young guy, with a tight body and a hot hole ready to receive as much amateur daddy cock as Blake can throw at it, and he has plenty to share.

The guys start out on the couch, playing some word association where we get to find out what they really think about all kinds of things. Its pretty interesting to find out what makes these guys tick, and hearing about their experiences is a turn on.

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Johnny Has A Panty Fetish

We all have our fetishes. For instance, we all get off on amateur guys sharing their hard and leaking cocks with other guys on video. For this hot hunk of beef its a panty fetish!

Johnny is an interesting character. To look at him you would think he is all about the pussy, and you might imagine that the dude is as masculine as they come. He is handsome, he carries himself like a real masculine dude, and he has a gym-pumped body that you would not want to mess with – at least not in the way most people might imagine!

But this guy has a kink side to him and when he starts to reveal his awesome physique and we get to the point of checking out his amateur muscle cock we find him wearing a pair of pink lace panties. He is clearly turned on by the whole thing, and that amateur muscle cock is soon thickening up and getting ready to have a cum load pumped out of it as Johnny grabs his junk and shows it all off for the guys out there.

Like a lot of muscle guys like him, Johnny likes to keep his body immaculate, and he proves it when he shows off his tight and smooth hole, parting his muscled cheeks and flashing his shaved pucker. Laying back and really getting into his solo session, that meaty amateur muscle cock is bulging in his grip, the swollen mushroom head throbbing with the need to start squirting the semen out. But its not all about that dick either as he continues to show off his tempting little hole ready to feel something sliding into it!

There are going to be a lot of our other amateur guys wanting to dominate that muscle ass of his, and I have a feeling that he is really looking forward to having that hole rammed good and hard. His cum shot at the end of this jerk off session is evidence enough that he is so turned on with the whole thing, and I cant wait to see one of the other dudes getting it on with him.

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Skinny Amateur Bottom Jersey

We are always on the lookout for new hot guys who can do something special and put on a really hot show, and when skinny amateur bottom Jersey arrived and he told us that he is all about opening up his hairy fuckhole for a big cock to ram we were interested in seeing more!

Normally we get our guys in a solo cock stroking session, but with this slim dude we wanted to see just how open to ass fucking the guy really is. We have a lot of other amateur guys with big and hard cocks who love sinking them into a bottom, and having another guy that can really take a pounding is definitely a bonus for us.

Jersey is one skinny amateur bottom who can definitely take a lot of dick up his ass!

We gave him a big dildo, and I mean it was chunky and long, and it even made my eyes water a little just looking at it. We were gonna give him something even bigger, and if we would known how easily he was gonna take this one we might have stepped up the inches a little more!

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Hung Skater Boy Jesse Jerking Dick

Jesse is a real sweet young guy, a total horndog too. This lad was eager to get on film and show off his hung amateur boy cock for all the horny guys out there to appreciate, and who were we to deny him the opportunity!?

The lad is putting on a show in the bathroom to start this solo, and you can tell he is horny to get going the moment his dick is out. This lad has an impressive body, lean and with a little sexy ink too.

We already know there are a few other amateur guys we have that would love to get into some action with this boy, and when they see his hung amateur boy cock they will be begging to be the first one!

He steps into the shower and his uncut schlong is already at half mast, the foreskin easing back to show off half of his swelling helmet. He plays with it lovingly, really getting off on the idea of loads of guys appreciating him – and we know you all are!

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Amateur Gay Sex Sam And Jersey

Sam is no stranger to us here on Amateurs Do It, and fans of the site know he’s one of the horniest versatile tops we have. He’s been in plenty of amateur gay sex sessions with so many guys now, and he’s always ready for more.

He’s the perfect choice to break in a new bottom guy like Jersey.

Jersey is the first to get a taste of some hard cock, feasting on Sam’s hard pink one, deep throating it and taking some aggressive thrusting from our rough top Sam. He can handle it though, and he soon gets the same back when Sam decides he needs to taste some precum! Jersey’s ass is ready for some dick inside it, and Sam wastes no time slamming his inches in and fucking him hard right there on the couch.

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Amateur Wanking Video With Samuel

amateur wanking

Samuel is a cute young twink with a little experience in modeling, but nothing hardcore. He is pretty experienced when it comes to enjoying hardcore porn though, despite his Christian upbringing, so I guess he has a good idea of what guys like to watch on video. He is a twink fan, like so many of us are, and he suits that perfectly too. It’s clear already that a lot of the other amateur guys we film will be more than a little interested in getting on cam with this cute lad.

It is not just gay guys who are a little interested in him it seems. When he was younger he fooled around with a straight mate to, wanking and sucking each other and getting those cum shots flowing. I guess we have all had some youthful explorations like that though.

After finding out plenty about Samuel we really get into the amateur wanking video, snapping him as he strips off, showing that skinny twink body. Already its clear that his dick is thickening up in his pants, with the bulge of his cock a teasing us and making us want more.



Rhys Amateur Jerk Off And Butt Play

Rhys Hot Redhead Ginger Boy

Rhys Amateur Jerk Off And Butt Play

We are really going international lately. Rhys is a hot and sexy gay guy from Wales, and although his accent is pretty damn horny to hear we really want to see the rest of him. You can tell he has a pretty hot bod, and it won’t be long before we get to see him in action stroking his dick and working up one of his big loads. We spend some time finding out more about him and what he likes, and although he seems a little reserved in his answers, when we get the box of toys out for him to take a look through he seems interested in almost everything, from cock pumping to the massive anal toys!

Handsome Rhys starts his amateur jerk off with some great showing off, playing with the shape of his cock in his jeans. And when he finally reveals it we find a hard and pink boner with a great head and a tight pair of balls too. He’s stroking that thing right away, then showing us his smooth little ass. When he said he though his ass was his best asset, we have to agree that it’s near the top of our list, along with his handsome good looks and that delicious uncut prick of his!

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Kobe and Kyler Hung Gay Amateur Action

Kobe and Kyler Hung Gay Amateur Action
Kobe and Kyler Hung Gay Amateur Action

Kobe and Kyler make an amazing couple in this video, both hung gay amateurs were ready to get it on and tanned Kobe wasted no time once the guys were on the couch and getting into the swing of things.

Cute Kyler has a deceptively fit body, and to look at him clothed you might not think he has such a tight frame under there. But when Kobe gets at it and starts to strip him we find a fittie with big cock too! Both of these hung gay amateurs have impressive dicks, but it clear that Kobe is very impressed with the pink uncut shaft he retrieves from Kyler’s shorts. It’s already thick and chunky and ready for action, with a long foreskin over the helmet ready to be licked and sucked on.

It’s a delicious oral session, with Kobe really going to town and sucking on as much of that uncut cock as he can manage. It’s clear he’s had some practice! All that dick worship has the tanned hunk all boned up too, and Kyler is pretty well matched for size as they get into some mutual cock sucking. The thick intact meat of Kobe’s is a real throbber, and the cock ring around his thick root just makes that shaft even more impressive as Kyler really services it.

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Amateur Gay Guys First Ass Fucking

Amateur Gay Guys First Ass Fucking

After meeting Rhys recently and seeing the Welsh guy wanking the cum from his cock with plenty of real intense ass play too, we couldn’t wait to get him back in front of the cameras. He had to be teamed up with someone real special for his first ass fuck on video, and Sam was a logical choice.

Most of you probably know Sam quite well if you’ve seen some of our other videos, but for those who might not know, Sam is a versatile top who really knows how to give a guy a proper fucking. His greedy dick is determined to slam as much ass at it can get, and it always results in an awesome fuck for whoever is on the receiving end of his shaft.

He’s definitely met a great match in this video as he claims another amateur gay guys ass for his dick to own, and handsome Rhys is definitely not complaining!

As usual we start off with some word association games, but I think we’re familiar with a lot of Sam’s thoughts already. Rhys shows his innocence in some responses, with questioning looks to some words (is he just planing innocent?). Soon it’s time for some other hot games as the guys start making out, groping and fondling. Dominant Sam is the first to get some dick in his mouth, worshiping Rhys’ beautiful pink uncut cock. But Sam is soon feeding the guy his own shaft and we get to see how greedy Rhys is for cock too!

But you know this is about this amateur gay guys first ass fuck on video, and Sam knows how to make it one of the most memorable ass riding sessions the dude has ever had. Not only does he slam Rhys’ ass, he blindfolds him, restrains him and fucks his hole with toys too! And it all ends with two impressive loads of hot cum and two lovely smiling and satisfied faces. I think it’s fair to say Rhys will be back!



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