Lucas And Ashley – Hard Fuckers

There are a few amateurs who act almost like pros on cam, engaging in the same kind of reckless, hardcore sucking and fucking. Lucas and Ashley are two such guys. Both studs share an irresistibly masculine sex appeal with their dark hair, sexy eyes, trimmed beards and hot bodies, except that Lucas has more body hair and has some elaborate tattoos. Most importantly, Lucas prefers to top, which is perfect, because Ashley has no problems being the bottom. Immediately, they both get in on the action as they strip, make out and touch each other everywhere. They get so consumed by sheer erotic pleasure that everything they do – licking, sucking, rimming, fucking and jacking off – becomes a wild and awesome sight to behold!

Sexy studs Lucas and Ashley


Lucas and Ashley strip off, make out and touch all over


Ashley bends over for a taste of Lucas' meat


Lucas plays with Ashley's sexy, tight ass


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