Bryce And Will – Uncut Bottoms In Amateur Gay Porn


Young handsome guys Bryce and Will share a laugh

Bryce and Will are two amateur guys who love showing off on camera and have been featured in some of the most intensely erotic videos on amateursdoit.com. You could say that their uncut cocks have gotten some mileage on cam already but they just keep coming back for more, to a lot of public appreciation.

Both share refreshingly youthful looks with their lean and sexy bodies and seeing them sharing those cocks and hot holes is enough to have any amateur gay porn fan jerking off along to the show!

In this two part video, they both talk the talk and walk the walk as they not only say what they’re into but also do it all on cam.

The versatile blokes start with some extended foreplay that leads to the second part where the main action takes place. Blowjobs, a hot 69, some butt play with ass beads and dildo all lead to the final stanza where Will starts fucking Bryce deep and hard with his bottom boys legs up in the air.

These guys definitely know how to fuck on video, and it makes for a great amateur gay porn movie too.


Will and Bryce get naked in bed

Will plays with Bryce’s smooth, sexy ass

Bryce takes it hard and deep from Will


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Brenton and Tyson Pt 2

Brenton and Tyson


Tyson starts with a slow grind, getting both of them into the rocking motion that we all love. They start out in a twisted position, then soon go to missionary style. These two certainly know how to work it as they move around and get into different positions for maximum enjoyment.

Brenton is getting close so he gets Tyson to jerk off over his face while he jerks himself off. Tyson then licks Brenton from his balls to his ass. This really turns on Brenton even more and he finally explodes with a load of sticky white gold all over his belly.

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Andrew and Drew Rugged Top Muscle Bottom Pt2

Andrew and Drew Rugged Top Muscle Bottom Pt2

The beef is back, and its all about the deep anal action in this video shoot. Andrew is horny and Drew is ready, all lubed up after his rimming, hot in anticipation of getting fucked by Andrew and his massive uncut Australian cock!

Doggy style is the preferred fuck position of the day, as Drew bends over and Andrew guides his big uncut cock into the target. Mmm, can’t you just feel that huge cock inside you as Drew moans and Andrew goes deeper and deeper.


Drew moans and Andrew goes deeper and deeper

Just imagine this big beefy stud behind you, his furry chest rubbing against your back as he pounds his cock into your ass. Its a hot scene and the boys work up quite the sweat too!


Getting close to the big climax, Andrew pulls out and they hug each other and help each other spurt out their hot juicy messes. Another amazing 100% exclusive performance just for AmateursDoIt fans!


Lucas And Jordon – Amateur Gay Fucking

Lucas and Jordon flexing and posing

Lucas, 28, a tall, powerfully built, tattooed hunk with an enormous cut cock has proven time and time again that he can satisfy anyone in an amateur gay fucking video – both his partner and whoever happens to be watching are guaranteed to shoot a hot load of jizz by the time he’s done!

The great thing about his return this time is that he’s joined by one of the most handsome young twinky studs ever to star in any amateur gay fucking video – 19 year old Jordon.

After their hot foreplay session where their clothes come off completely, their big cocks get completely hard and throbbing. Jordon keeps wanking off from the time he gives Lucas a hot blowjob all the way until Lucas starts fucking his tight, smooth ass. This, in turn, leads to one totally cum-splattered climax that has both both groaning in pleasure and their balls pumping out the cream in some messy spurts – if you’re not joining in I would suggest there is something wrong with you! lol

Lucas savors Jordon's delicious dick

Jordon gives a scorching blowjob

Jordon's legs are in the air as he's being drilled by tattooed hunk Lucas


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Homemade Gay 3 Way – John, Will And Eric

Will, John and Eric get comfortable with each other on the couch

Versatile cuties Will and Eric have joined hot stud John in this amazing homemade gay 3 way video. These guys are all in the prime of their sexual lives and as they begin to reveal much about themselves in the introductory interview, they definitely get very excited about what they’ll be doing once the actual filming starts.

The three guys get it on without any shyness – kissing, groping crotches and fondling nipples. As their clothes come off piece by piece, their hands begin working on whoever’s cock is within reach. Once hard, their hungry mouths start giving incredible blowjobs to each one.

The three move over into the bedroom where the real homemade gay 3 way action begins. Will and Eric show just how versatile they really are by alternating being a top and a bottom! These three horny dudes end it up by lying together and jerking to a cum-filled climax!

The three hot guys get naked and start touching and stroking each other

John, Will and Eric wank off all together in bed

John, Will and Eric do some hot cocksucking action


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Marco – Random Homemade Jerk Off Video

Marco is one handsome and horny dude

Homemade jerk off videos are a dime-a-dozen on tube sites, but it can be hard to find a hot guy like Marco stroking his pole in a good quality homemade movie. Regardless of their seeming abundance, the sight of a hot guy jerking his boner is always welcome to the eyes of any porn lover. But some blokes have a way of making things even more interesting…

Marco, a 27 year old ethnic Brazilian with a smooth, lean build has returned to show his wild side in this homemade jerk off. Once he strips off and starts wanking his hard cock, the sight of his big, solid, uncut tool is more than enough to grab all attention.

He keeps stroking his cock as he moves around the house, from the attic to the various corridors and finally to the bedroom. It’s like getting a grand tour of the house with his big cock as the guide!

Marco peels off his briefs to show his fine ass

Marco's uncut cock looks absolutely yummy

Marco wanks off everywhere around the house


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Sam And Ashley – Amateur Guys Abused Fucking

Ashley and Sam want you!... to watch them...

Sam and Ashley are two thirty-something amateur guys who have come back to conduct a demonstration on how to get down and dirty with some anal toy play. They’re both completely comfortable in front of the camera and waste no time getting on with some hot foreplay. Kissing and nipple play leads to more as they strip off their clothes all the way, with two big dicks released and ready to be serviced.

These guys get into some hot handjobs, stroking each other and working those solid tools before moving on to a delicious meal of wet and slippery blowjobs. But it’s the ass-fucking that really pushes their buttons with some really horny toy-fucking action thrown in for good measure! It sends them over the edge as they take turns pumping each other’s holes with a delicious dildo! These two really know how to get raunchy and share their man meat and hot holes with another dude, amateur guys or not!

Ashley and Sam are gonna do some raunchy toy-fucking

Sam puts his legs up as Ashley toys with his ass

Ashley gets down on all fours as Sam bangs his hole


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Charlie – Aussie Beach Boy Wanking

Beach bum Charlie chills out

It was time to feature a new face on amateursdoit.com and an Aussie beach boy wanking video was a real possibility when Charlie came along – how could anyone resist a chance like that!?

In this solo amateur video, this versatile bisexual with blue eyes, dirty blonde hair and nicely-built body covered with trimmed hair lets his natural raging hormones take over as he sits in front of a computer and starts stripping and wanking off while watching some porn.

His uncut cock gets hard quickly and the sight of him jerking it in such a frenzied state is simply intense. By the time he loses himself and closes his eyes as he nears orgasm, his hard cock, which gets focused up close many times, is enough to make many mouths drool.

If you’re not cumming hard watching this beach boy wanking himself off and shooting a load of jizz then there is definitely something wrong with you! I really hope we see him back to try some man-on-man action, and maybe he’ll be teamed up with another young amateur boy like him too?

Charlie whips out and shows his uncut cock

Charlie starts stroking his dick

Charlie is one guy who just looks better naked


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Max – Hairy Amateur Hunk

Full-bearded hot bloke Max

While many guys nowadays routinely trim or even totally shave or wax their body hair, there are still some who keep it all real. Such a guy is Max, a 38 year old hairy amateur hunk who has come in for the first time to do a solo jerk-off video.

What sets him apart is his naturally hairy body. From his thick beard to his hairy chest and all the way down to his pubes and ass, this guy is a veritable hirsute forest. He puts it all out on display when he strips naked and starts to stroke his big, uncut cock for the guys. And what a show it is as he works that dick and gets it hard and slick in his wanking hand!

The camera loves panning over his entire body, closely examining every inch of this hairy amateur hunk. But as with any other solo video, it’s still the way he wanks his hard cock all the way to a grand climax that totally commands attention!

Max strips down to his jockstraps, showing his hairy ass

Max's hairy bod is fully exposed as he starts to stroke himself

Max jerks his hard cock

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Amateur Gay 3 Way – Marco, Sam And Lucas

Lucas, Sam and Marco looking great together on the couch

Mature hottie Sam returns to do another sizzling amateur gay 3 way with two younger guys. Marco and Lucas are both in their late 20’s and have all done amateur videos too. But together, these three immediately develop a chemistry that promises to make this video a must-watch.

They take their time to get heated up with their foreplay, but as soon as they get naked, their big cocks are hard and ready for all the sucking and stroking action imaginable.I actually love watching an amateur gay 3 way with so much cock stroking and sucking, but the fucking is definitely not to be missed!

When Marco starts to slide into Sam’s hot ass, Lucas and Sam are close to orgasm already, wanking off like crazy. The guys really know how to give and take pleasure as they all take turns climaxing in amazing, cum-spurting scenes!

Sam strokes Marco's and Lucas' bulges

They take turns giving each other sizzling handjobs

Sam blows Lucas while he's stroking Marco's cock


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